Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Clarity -- and a Different Blog

Interesting how things evolve. Just when you think you've got it, new ideas come in.

This morning, I danced alone in my temple, and as I moved slowly, emptied out at the end of an hour, I received a veritable download about where I'm going next. Part of the download was that I needed to change the name of my blog. So . . .

I have a new blog: "Satya Reports from the Edge". This describes more precisely what I want to convey to you: Travels “out there” to bring back a deeper understanding of the Big Picture, balanced with staying grounded upon this earth.

This will be the last post here, and I will continue there. Thanks for your patience with my process.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Uranus-Saturn Opposition

There is an important astrological configuration happening right now, exact on November 4. Uranus is opposing Saturn. Let me explain what this means.

Uranus is the revolutionary of the zodiac. It brings innovation and sudden changes. Uranus has the energy of a lightening bolt.

Saturn is about the status quo. It has the energy of constriction, of boundaries and limitations.

An opposition means that the two planets are exactly on opposite sides of the earth. The effect is that we feel pulled in two different directions. This effect is especially strong with this opposition because the two planets have such opposite energies.

November 4 "happens" to be election day in the U.S. and the two candidates embody the two energies of these planets. McCain is Saturn and Obama is Uranus. Interesting how the astrology is manifesting in the 3D plane, isn’t it?

This opposition will show up in your personal life as well. Where it shows up depends upon your natal chart, how it affects the energy configuration in you that was created by the pattern of the planets at the moment of your birth. Where are you feeling this opposition in your own life?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Let me introduce myself . . .

I am a multi-faceted individual; a study in contrasts. I am an ecstatic being completely at home in the world of energy and spirit. At the same time, I have my feet firmly on the ground. I live on ten acres in the California Sierra Nevada Mountains with two land partners, a place we call Serenity, and I spend a great deal of time working on the land.

I am a natural-born teacher. All my life I have taught people whatever I am passionate about. The teaching flows from my enthusiasm and wanting to share what I know. I have been teaching Tantra since 1993 on the west coast. This year I have begun teaching in Japan, bringing my body-centered approach to spirituality there.

I offer online and telephone counseling services so that I can reach people everywhere. Often there are people ready for transformation who don't have the resources available locally to assist them. My guidance helps those who know there is something more to life than just the hum-drum everyday reality.

My spiritual path weaves together a blend of Tantra, yoga of all forms (Hatha, Bhakti, yoga philosophy), movement, consciousness, neo-paganism, a smattering of Native American practices, and a deep reverence for nature. I know the power of ritual, and I am an adept priestess.

For the last year I have been doing earth-weaving as I travel from place to place. When I find a spot that I want to connect into the web of energy that I am weaving, I do a ceremony and leave a crystal there. Its mate comes back to my magical stone circle on my land. So far I have connected Virginia, Sacramento, San Mateo, Palo Alto, the Big Island of Hawai'i, a couple of shrines in Japan, (Nikko and Mt. Fuji), Tacoma, Portland, Ashland and Mt. Shasta. In many of these places there are people holding the energy there, and we all connect with each other and the web of energy in our individual ceremonies on the full moons.

For years I have been deeply exploring energy flows in the body. I began with my own, and then learned how to work with other people's. The one-time theoretical knowledge of the nadis, the energy pathways described in yoga, is now grounded in repeated experience. These pathways are as real as the desk that I touch at this moment.

I am a visionary and an intuitive. I live life from inspiration, often acting without knowing why. It usually becomes clear at some point. Until then, I don't really worry about it. My ultimate intention for this lifetime is to be of service in whatever way I can. Very simple, really. With this intention, I know that I will be supported in whatever I need. So far it's worked out.

I'm excited about discovering what it's all about and how everything fits together. Lately I have been delving into 2012, astrology, and trying to integrate the spirals of DNA in to the spirals of energy pathways in the body and the spirals of the cosmos. I get tantalizing glimpses of how it is connected, and I'm still working on how to communicate my visions.

I believe that ultimately we are all joy, and I want to share my joy with you, to remind you of your own.